Here is a moving testimony.
It comes from John Barton, former Citroën dealer in Middleton, OH
The picture of his garage is just gorgeous.

The photo image above, shows a brand new Citroen in one of our showrooms of our Barton Sales & Service new car dealership in Middletown, Ohio.  Citroens are the greatest, arent they Yves!

 Our Citroen new car deliveries came from the Citroen warehouse in Cicero  -  a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.  Sometimes, when we would need additional new Citroens for customers (between the normal new car carrier deliveries), my parents would fly to Chicago and drive back two new Citroens.   What a wonderful, soft ride!  You didnt even know you were driving on the street  -  it was such a soft ride  -  like driving on a cloud!!!  What wonderful engineering with the fine hydraulic suspension!  Customers would come from several states away to have us service their Citroens, as we were the only new Citroen dealer in quite a large area.


                                        John C. Barton

                                             BARTON SALES & SERVICE

                                                   Former Citroen New Car Dealers